Poems Online


“Grief Vectors,” Crazyhorse, Spring 2019.

“Pallinode,” BOAAT, Spring 2019.

“Void Poses,” Cotton Xenomorph, Spring 2019.

Dummy Prayer.Tin House Online, Fall 2018.

"Hunger is the Analog.Nightjar Review, Summer 2018.

“A Rank, Bleak Devotion.” Foundry, Fall 2017. (& "Five Questions" Interview)

“They Make Things Easier Here So That Other Things Get Harder.” Cosmonauts Avenue Spring 2017.

"Compulsion/Procedure." Smoking Glue Gun, Spring 2017

"The March Between." interrupture, Feb 2018.


From Helen or My Hunger:

"Helen Loops" (hybrid essay). Entropy, Spring 2018. 

New South, Spring 2018

Muse A/ Journal, Spring 2018

The Wanderer, Fall 2017. (["With lemon voices they called you hated Helen."], ["The brain shores images like a hum, a churn."], ["June. Three rings of pineapple..."])

Ghost Proposal, Summer 2017. (["We double up to hunt. We can learn to love in private, widening and Greek."], ["Helen, I spoke to you when I wrote a trick about termites."]

Smoking Glue Gun, Spring 2017. (["In this wreckage I am a wild service"])

Bennington Review No. 2 (Verse Daily Reprint). (["In this small tent men pound"])


Gulf Coast
inter|rupture (["I don't know what refrain of near-disaster to be committed to"], ["From here the swell of growing female, allure"])
The Volta (They Will Sew the Blue Sail)
Powder Keg (["Touch in me a hammer, Helen"], ["I have nothing to give and it tastes sour"])


From Grief Vectors

Hot Metal Bridge

"Observatories," Cloud Rodeo, Spring 2016
"Elegy with Photostat," FLAG+VOID, Spring 2015
"Elegy with a Hangover and X-Files," Everyday Genius, August 2014
"Confection," Big Lucks, August 2014
"Cal, Have You Ever Gone Through Caves? (After Elizabeth Bishop)," Banango Street, Spring 2014. (Interview about it here.)
“Poem after H.D. and Eidolon,” “Emanations,” B O D Y, April 2014
“Lemon Evening Warning,” “The Doldrums,Sixth Finch, Spring 2014
"Dupuytren's Contracture," "Glass Eye Poem," Souvenir, Summer 2014  
"Solar Divide," "Savannah," Pinwheel, Fall 2013
"Expeditions to the Polar Seas," Guernica, Fall 2013
"The Milky Way is a Snowy White," Ampersand Review, Spring 2014
“Something Like a Stevie Nicks Documentary,” “Points of Contact,” Sink ReviewFall 2013
“Somewhere,” “Wishes to Will,” iO: PoetryFall 2013
“Yes, But More Animals,” “Poem to John Denver,” “Duplex,” Coconut, Spring 2013
“Pulsar” + video, Better: Culture and Lit, Spring 2013
"Earth in Space,” “Mapping the World,” OctopusSpring 2013
“No Heart,” “Explorer in the Classic Mold,” Banango StreetFall 2013
“God Bless Svalbard,” Sixth Finch, Fall 2011
“Found Footage,” “Deep Blue Sea,” ILKFall 2012
“Crow’s Nest,” "from Observatories,” diodeFall 2012
“Ojala,” “Not Keeping Now,” Birdfeast, Fall 2012
“Sleight of Hand,” “Eye & Screen,” Bakery, Elegy Feature, Fall 2013 
“If Alkaline, If Extinction,” “Summons : Soldiery,” inter|rupture, Summer 2012
“Forest/City Poem,” “Cave/City Poem,” “Ocean/City Poem,” inDigest, Fall 2013
“One of Nature’s Masterpieces,” H_NGM_N #13, Spring 2012
“Yellow Frosted Cake,” “Come to the Kitchen, Kelsey,” GlitterponySpring 2010
“Questions of Comets 1,” “Earth Movements,” H_NGM_N #11, Spring 2011